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Blossom Valley Lend a Paw of Wild Fire 
Mickey is a 6-year-old tri-color boy who has been neutered. He sired two litters of nice puppies with Delilah, so Mickey is ready for his own furever family.  He will need some socialization with men, because we live in the country and he did not go to dog shows much as a puppy, then COVID-19 lock-downs happened.  Since we didn't go places, Mickey is shy of men.  He went to stay with a family of women one time, but the older dog that was there got aggressive with him as an interloper.  So, you must live within a 90-minute drive from me, as I will not send Mickey away to a stranger.  I will bring him to you for one or more play dates to see how he likes you, your home and your existing pets.  Call if interested: 619-302-3460

Adoption fee: $500
(because most people don't appreciate free gifts!)​

Updated 7/12/2023
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