Updated 9/11/2023

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Anybody can leave a comment in my Guestbook (below the following paragraph), unless you are a web designer wanting to redesign my website! 

To web designers who repeatedly leave marketing comments:  
I am not interested in hiring you to redesign my website. I started this website over 20 years ago when Homestead started, as a way of gathering information about my dogs so I could access the information from my law office in Rosemead.  Now, it's a way for people who are looking for AKC-registered puppies to find me and see the quality of my dogs.  I do not need a redesign, since I am sure I currently have more detail than you could ever affordably include in a new website. I am not a puppy mill and my main market is the AKC, where I maintain a permanent listing. You're repeated posts here with offers of your service are tedious and would probably constitute harrassment or stalking because of the posts that have appeared every couple of weeks for the past couple of years.  YOU ARE BREAKING SEVERAL LAWS and, even if your weren't, didn't anyone ever teach you that "the Customer is always right!"  If you piss off your potential customer base, they will never hire you.  If I ever chose to hire someone, it would NEVER be one of you young rude designers that leave multiple messages.  

Everyone else, I really appreciate your interest in my web site, my dogs, and my show habits. Please sign my Guestbook below if you wish, but if you want a response, just call or email me. I forget to look at the entries for long periods. You can reach me via this email and phone number:  BlossomValleyKennel@gmail.com or 619-302-3460.

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