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Updated 7/11/2011
Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers
Shelby's 9/4/07 Litter
Updated 7/11/2011
Sire:  Ch Blossom Valley Calypso Joe ("Joey")
Dam:  Ch Ultra Quest Sky's the Limit ("Shelby")
Breeders:  Annette Gilliam & Kasey Mando
"Gone With the Wind" Litter
On 9/4, Shelby delivered her puppies on Day 59 of her pregnancy.  Dr. Sharon Vanderlip, of ICSB of San Diego, did progesterone tests and AI'd her on the date she was ovulating, with semen she collected and froze before Joey went to Japan.  She inseminated Shelby intravaginally, which is a non-surgical procedure -- much safer than surgical implanting.
These puppies have natural tails.

Melanie             Ashley             Scarlett             Rhett

Blossom Valley Scarlett O'Hara now lives with Denise Trione in Sacramento, CA

Blossom Valley Rhett Butler now lives with the Duffy Family in Carlsbad, CA

Blossom Valley Melanie Wilkes now lives with Danielle Desaulniers of St. Barnabe, QC, Canada

Blossom Valley Ashley Wilkes is staying here!

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