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Updated 7/11/2011
Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers
Juliet's 8-17-07 Litter
Updated 7/11/2011
Sire:  Ch Blossom Valley Romancing the Ghost ("Romeo")
Dam:  Blossom Valley Ghost of Juliet ("Juliet")
Breeders:  Carl Smith and Annette Gilliam
AKC Litter Number RN148414
On 8/17/07, Juliet and Romeo had 3 girls and 1 boy. 
On 8/19/07, Dr. Mark Wright removed their dew claws and docked their tails.
On 9/26/07, Dr. Mark Wright BAER tested the puppies, and they all hear normally. 

Girl 1: RN148414/01
"Lady Bug" lives with
Karen Edgar of Prescott, AZ.,
and will be shown and do
performance activities.

Girl 2: RN148414/02
"Lamb Chop" lives with
Kevin and Karen Headings
of Boise, ID

Boy: RN148414/03
"Panda" lives with
Arianna Burns of Long
Beach, CA, and he is
now called "Louie"

Girl 3: RN148414/04
"Minnie" is staying with
Carl and Pam Smith and
with her mom, Juliet and her
half brother, Kozmo, in Long
Beach, CA.

"Lady Bug" and "Lamb Chop"

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