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Updated 7/11/2011
Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers
Circles' 8-24-06 Litter
Updated 7/11/2011
These puppies all have white bodies, color on their heads, and all but one has a tail spot. 
They are half-siblings to Romeo, who was the #1 PRT in AKC in 2005 in breed points.  I left their tails natural (undocked) and their dewclaws on, so they can show in places that prohibit docking.
They are named after ghost movies, with temporary nicknames after an actor in each film:
Girl 1:  Blossom Valley Blair Witch Project (new nickname "Kobi")--SOLD
Boy 1:  Blossom Valley What Lies Beneath ("Harrison")--SOLD
Girl 2:  Blossom Valley Always ("Holly")--SOLD
Boy 2:  Blossom Valley Sixth Sense ("Haley")--SOLD
Boy 3:  Blossom Valley Ghost Busters ("Buster")--CO-OWNED WITH HEATHER WIGHTMAN
[Photos below were taken 10/2/06 when the pups were 5 weeks old]

Kobi now lives with a military family in Arizona.

Harrison now lives with Linda Frisby in Colorado.

Holly is sold.  She is very sweet and is likely smooth or broken.

On January 13, 2007, Haley went to live with Dr. Isabelle Alessandra and
Andrew Hadra of Santa Monica, CA.

Buster (aka Harold) is the cutest!  He now lives with Heather Wightman of Joshua Tree, CA.

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