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Updated 7/11/2011
Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers
Blue's 8-21-05 Litter
Updated 7/11/2011
On August 21, 2005 Blue and Casper had a litter of 3 girls and 1 boy, all of which have been BAER tested as having normal hearing.  The photos below were taken at 5 weeks of age. 
See additional photo albums at:

Blossom Valley Blue Ghost (RN092451/01)
The Blue Ghost is the nickname for the USS Lexington, so we call him "Lexy."
In the left-hand photo, he is 5 weeks old and in the others, he is 3 months old.

Blossom Valley Talulah Blue of Bankhead (RN092451/02)
"Talulah" lives in Valley Center, CA with Linda and Chuck Ogilvie.
  In the left-hand photo, she is 5 weeks old and in the others, she is 3 months old.

Blossom Valley Deja Blue (RN092451/03)
"Deja" now lives with the Alexanders and is called "Lily."  Here is a photo taken at her new home:

Blossom Valley Pete Kelly's Blues (RN092451/04)
We called this girl "Petey," because she has a spot on her eye like the Little Rascals' dog with that name.   She is now living in Thousand Oaks with Marlene and Glenn Robertson
and Missy (from the 4/29/05 Sky x Caliopi litter).  
Here are some photos of Petey and Missy sent to me by Marlene:

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